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11Pass11’s ticketing software is a sophisticated, yet easy-touse computer system for the entertainment industry. The system offers POS (point of sale), ticketing, group and birthday reservations, membership, customer loyalty, redemption management, cashless arcades, Box Office, and much, much more. We can customise themes easily and integrate payment gateways in your region and country. Supported by Neil Willies Insurance Brokers, providing Motor Fleet insurance for all businesses, large and small.


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In tandem, 11Pass11 through 11 To 11 Events, is committed to helping promoters with their cashflow. Where others tend to have complicated transactional procedures, we don’t. Where others have longer transactional payouts we pride ourselves with an optimal procedure to suit your needs. Where others make life complicated, we make life easy.

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Most Addictive Video Games of All Time


You will know that you are addicted to playing video games if you start to play in the evening and before you know it is 3 am in the morning. You are completely lost in a world which consumes you entirely. It gives us the sense of satisfaction when we complete one level after the other. There are a lot of brilliant video games for all age groups, and when it comes to video games, it has no age limits. The following are some of the most addictive video games of all time: Call of Duty: One cannot call themselves as a video game player if they have not played Call of Duty. Published and owned by Activision, millions of players play the game all over the world, and the whole gameplay is about 25 billion hours. Fans are eager to play the Call of Duty: WWII which will be…

Video Game Live (VGL)

Video Game Live

Video Games Live is an immersive concert which features music from all the popular video games of all time. It was initially founded by Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall in the year 2002 and was inaugurated at the Hollywood Bowl, California. There is a live orchestra which performs at the concert along with a choir. The event has an exclusive video footage in the background, and the band is accompanied by music arrangements, synchronized lightings, and other sound effects. The Video Game Live has performed over 420 shows internationally, and one of the most recent ones was held in Shanghai, China on 20th September 2017. One of the motives of the Video Game Live concert is to support and encourage the culture and art that video games have now become. The gig bridges the gap between the orchestral music and the current generation’s music. It also provides a unique experience…

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For fast and easy purchase of tickets, we provide a service that is hassle free and quick. No longer having to queue and wait to buy your tickets, nor paying online and queueing to claim your actual ticket, here at 11 Pass 11 we make it as easy as possible for the most important people, the consumer, with electronic tickets.