About US

We are passionate and believe in placing the consumer experience at the heart of every event with consumer insight at the centre of every idea.

At 11 To 11 Events we take event evaluation and strategic evolution very seriously when relating to promotion, production and brand activation. This is the reason why we build our own systems, plan our own productions and even direct shoots and spots if necessary.

What We Do

11 To 11 Events is a boutique promotional event agency that can help you in all of your promotions, productions and brand activations.

Our People

Our team may be small but we have complementing backgrounds in brand strategy, music & festival promotion, television production, corporate activation and e-commerce activation.

Leslie Jeyam, our ‘IdeaGuy’, and one of our Directors has a wealth of experience in both online and offline media. He puts his own brand of creative flair into the economics of each campaign. He has the ability to take a client’s aspirations’ and idealise it for operational excellence.

Stephen Ng is the BossGuy. He adds a unique and personalised element into the entertainment experience for our clients. He focuses on a vision to create a custom production solution that comes with a level of dedication rarely seen these days. He works with DJs, musicians, dancers, sound & lighting technicians and operational staff. You can trust him to put in the extra mile to transform your event into an activation of your brand’s vision while achieving a reasonable KPI.
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On the other hand we have Yuhanna Jarjis, our BossLady, a talented writer and ferocious F&B connoisseur, who adds that little extra to any given project. She is more than capable of adding value to any activation. She knows fashion like she knows her food plus she always murmurs “feeding an activation is as important as the activation itself”.